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Peace Beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by, we missed you! Our site is currently under construction. The season is changing and so are our offerings! New additions including some vintage pieces, botanicals and art are being introduced in the line-up at this moment!

We're excited to share these offerings with you, stop back soon and stay in the loop with us on Instagram @mah.shess.shea!

Inner peace, self-love and plant medicine!

✨Shea Butter Glo✨

Botanical Body Butters

infused with herbal goodness,

handcrafted in small batches,

inner and outer glo giving.


I started trying other brands but they are not as good as yours! Gonna stock up when they drop. ❤️


"This lotion is whipped and so lovely. Girl it’s amazing! And the smell mhmm I forgot how much I missed it and loved it."


"These candles are amazing! I slept better after burning one!"


I love this citrus! Might be my new fav. It smells great.


Your lavender Shea Butter is perfection!